Outline Specification

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Floor to ceiling height

2,675mm (2,700mm to fifth floor)

Air Conditioning

High performance, simultaneous heating and cooling VRF system.

Raised floor

100mm overall

Base build occupancy ratio

Provision for enhancement.

Inside temperature - winter

20°C +/- 2°C

WC Provision

1 person/12m2 throughout office development (50%/50% split).

Office Floor Loading Capacity

3.5kN/m2 + 1kN/m2 (+0.85kN/m2 for ceiling, services and raised floors)

BREEAM & Part L Compliance

The building is designed to achieve a BREEAM 2008 'Excellent' rating with an EPC 'B' rating.

Inside temperature - summer

24°C +/- 2°C

Office planning grid

1.5m x 1.5m column grid.

Fresh air allowance

12 l/s per person + 10% additional allowance for meeting rooms/areas of high occupation density.

High load area

1.5m zone located around the stair cores is designed to accommodate an uplifted uniform live load of 7.5kN/m2.

Lift provision

Two 14 person, 1,000kg, general purpose passenger lifts (all floors) and one 26 person, 2000kg, passenger service lift (ground and lower ground).

Showers and Cycle Space

38 cycle racks, 38 lockers, changing room, laundry, and three shower rooms on lower ground floor

Lifts average waiting time

Average waiting time is 25 seconds.

Lighting - toilets

150-200 Lux.

Lighting offices

Tenanted demise office 350-450 Lux at the working place.